Parking permit

In Egmond aan Zee a parking arrangement applies from 1 March to 1 November. As a guest you can park for free almost anywhere  and in (parts of) neighborhoods parking is only allowed for permit holders. These are usually local residents and as a visitor you cannot just park your car there unless you also have a permit.

A parking permit can be issued through your host/hostess, but it is good to check in advance. The permits are linked to the license plate, so your host/hostess can ask you to pass on the license plate. When you are issued a parking permit, you will receive a digital (i.e. not physical) parking permit for a specific zone for the registration number you specified.

You are responsible for providing the correct license plate (in advance) and checking it on arrival.
Determine which zone applies to you on arrival and check the zoning in the parking space. You are responsible for parking in the correct zone.