North Sea and Egmond

Egmond aan Zee is a seaside resort situated on the North Sea coast. It is a unique place, because the beaches, the North Sea and Egmond harmonize perfectly with each other. The bustling village centre is just a stone’s throw away from the beaches.

In the old days Egmond aan Zee used to be a fishermen’s village and nowadays many inhabitants of Egmond still set sail to fish.
Not only at daytime, but also in the evenings the beach is a wonderful place to be. Sunsets on evenings with clear horizons are absolutely breathtaking.

In summer you should definitely pay a visit to the Jan van Speijk Lighthouse. Climb the lighthouse at ( Friday) night and see the amazing view from the top.

Egmond has many beach pavilions where you can have a drink or bite. After a brisk walk on the beach these pavilions are the perfect place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal.

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