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Places of interest

Being a seaside resort, the beach and dunes are of course the most popular attractions of Egmond. But there is so much more to see and do in our village.

Egmond has a wealth of interesting history. Fishermen, monks, Lords and Counts, the Spaniards: they all have left their traces behind. The maritime history of Egmond is still visible in its streets and museums: the lighthouse J.C.J. van Speijk, the lifeboat station of the KNRM ( Royal Dutch Sea Rescue Organization), the replica of the Pinck ( a flat-bottemed ship), The Prins Hendrik Stichting ( a stately building that used to house retired fishermen) and the Maritime Museum ( located in  The Prins Hendrik Stichting, free entry) are definitely worth visiting.

Discover more about the history of Egmond from prehistory till present at the Museum of Egmond or visit the Bunker Museum in the dunes near the North Boulevard to find out more about Egmond during World War II.

The lifeboat station and the lighthouse are open to the public in July and August. Group visits in other months are by appointment only.  

Sights worth visiting in Egmond a/d Hoef are the Historisch Information Centrum ( Historic Information Centre), Galerie de Kapberg ( art gallery), the beautiful Slotkapel ( The Castle Chapel, founded in 1227), the remains of the Op Den Hoef Castle and the Museum Hoeve Overslot.  

The main tourist attraction of Egmond-Binnen is The Saint Adelbert Abbey. Benedict monks still live and work in the abbey. The museum in the abbey provides you with information about the history of the abbey, the monks and The Adelbertusakker. Apart from the museum, the abbey also has a gallery shop, a meditation centre and a butterfly garden.

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