Tip-4 Events

Musical, cultural and sportive events

Egmond is a bustling village. Throughout the seasons several musical, cultural and sportive events are hold in Egmond aan Zee, Egmond a/d Hoef and Egmond-Binnen. Popular events are “ Het Hoeverdorpsfeest” ( village festival), the art market, horse racing, Visserijdag ( Fisherman’s Day), street fair( every Wednesday evening in June, July and August), the music festival “ Loop naar de Pomp” ( live music at Pompplein every Sunday in July and August), The Caribbean Festival, De Fjoertoer ( enlighted evening walking tour), darts tournament, dinner shows, New Year’s dip in the North Sea, mountain bike race Egmond-Pier-Egmond and the Egmond half marathon.
Joining a guided walking tour through the dunes or beachcombing are also great activities to do. No matter the season, there is always something to experience in Egmond. For more information about the exact dates of the events, please visit the website www.egmond.nl.

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