Swindlers active.

Unfortunately, it still happens that swindlers are active in offering accommodation. In 2016, accommodations were offered on the Kennedy Boulevard and in 2017 for the West Coast apartment. Unfortunately, these were not existing accommodations. Obviously, this occurs more often and is widely warned for, but the result is that it is a lost holiday for those involved. Money away and returning home.

The website www.egmondaanzee.info belongs to Egmondaanzee.info. It is an association of the Egmond Accommodation. We know each other and the board of the association can guarantee that there is no "ghost rental". The accommodations are really there. Whether and for which price is rented and whether the accommodations are free or free is a matter between the Accommodation and the guest.

The swindlers presentations are often excellent and often found on reputable sites of providers, and if you find any accommodation you are in doubt about, please mail to bestuur@egmondaanzee.info and we may further assist you.

We wish you a very pleasant holiday.