The EgmondPas is THE card of Egmond for tourists, day visitors and residents tom get advantage during your stay in Egmond. The EgmondPas offers advantages at shops, restaurants, museums and events that take part of this promotion.

For example, you can get discounts from retailers, café’s, restaurants etc. in Egmond, but also outside Egmond such as the Museum Broeker Veiling.

Who is the EgmondPas for?

The pass is for everyone who has something with Egmond and surroundings. If you stay in Egmond, or you would like to visit Egmond, you can benefit from the EgmondPas. Simply have the EgmondPas with you, watch the participants and benefit from the promotions.

How do I know which actions there are?

The promotions that are offered can be found on, the information website for Egmond. Different conditions apply to each promotion. For example, some promotions are valid throughout the year and dates and times may be tied to other promotions.

How do I recognize participants in the Egmond Pass?

All participating organizations can be recognized by the EgmondPas sticker and are listed on

How long is the EgmondPas valid?

We start end of March 2018 and the EgmondPasses that we now issue remain valid until January 2021. So keep the EgmondPas!. Not only is it a nice memory of Egmond, but it also benefits you on your next visit to Egmond.

How do I get the EgmondPas?

A large number of accommodations give the EgmondPas for free to guests who stay two or more nights in Egmond. At it is indicated at each accommodations that will provide the EgmondPas free of charge to their guests. This is also stated in the confirmation email of your booking.

Don’t you get EgmondPas at your accommodation? No problem! The EgmondPas is also for sale via

TIP!. Gives the EgmondPas as a gift. Nice to give, nice to get and even more fun to use.