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Nobleman in Egmond.

Life size stands on a plinth in the Moat in Egmond aan den Hoef at the foundation of what was once a magnificent Castle Castle. Who is this nobleman, commander of the king of Spain, knight of the Golden Fleece and friend of William of Orange came to irritation of the Spaniards for the oppressed people in the Low Countries? At the command of Alva in 1568 he was decapitated on the Grand Place in Brussels. This man was also initiator of the embankments of the Egmondermeer.

Do you know his name? Register for the June 30 to and win a voucher of € 250, -. This voucher to redeem at any of the accommodations, which of course you book through The answer can be found on, the news site for Egmond and the Huys Egmont Slotweg 41, Egmond aan den Hoef.

In the last newsletter we asked how the pattern of the Abbey in Egmond-Binnen hot. This monk came around 690 to Egmond to preach. At the site of his grave is a medicinal spring. His name is Adelbert.


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